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Hawi photography helps you in celebrating all kinds of events. I pride myself on being able to adapt to the needs of each specific situation, bringing out the best aspects of everyone involved.

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At Hawi Photography, we offer many different styles of portrait photography. We want to help create that special moment for you. We offer you the on-location portraits tailored to your preferred location and can set up outside or in a more traditional setting. We focus on capturing the love within the family and bringing that exact experience to life.


At Hawiphotography, we understand your need and so we help you capture this lifetime event in an inspirational, fun and a creative way.

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We offer our services to customers located in many different parts of the world.



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Eliakim is an exceptional photographer and particularly good at portraits. He combines his technical expertise and great passion to capture events and true nature of people. I’d recommend him to anyone

Amolo Ng’weno BFA Director
Eliakim’s Unique  & Creativity in his photography is evident in the finesse and quality of his work.
I would recommend you to anyone in a heartbeat.
Billy Nelson AWS Director at DDD

About us

I grew up wanting to do something related to art and creativity. Picking up a camera gave me an opportunity to capture a specific vision and share with the world. With great interest in portraits, documentary and sports: Hawi photography aims to preserve time, make memories and feel raw emotions rising from within that image. That’s exactly what I want to do for you. The goal of Hawi Photography is to show the beauty, grace, strength, and enthusiasm of people and that’s enough of a reason for us to hang cameras around our shoulders wherever we go. I am based in Nairobi but cover any geographical location. Get in touch with me wherever you are.

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