My name is Hawi Eliakim and I am deeply passionate about preserving and sharing cultural heritage.Growing up in a rural community in Kenya, I watched as shifts in technology made some elements of our culture quietly become obsolete. As a passionate photographer, I began to document some of these artifacts in the hopes of one day creating a digital repository of images and stories about our culture.

I had the opportunity to build on my knowledge and skills throughout my six years of work with Digital Divide Data (DDD),

a global social enterprise that supports a variety of digitization projects, from legal or newspaper records to entire museum collections.

The project I am most proud of from my six years with DDD was one I completed in partnership with Amazon Web Services and Intel to digitize one of the largest collections of Archeology and Paleontology in the world, at the National Museums of Kenya. 

I intend to continue using my skills to ensure that cultural heritage is preserved. 

Cultural Heritage and Documentary Photography