Environmental Conservation

Growing up in the village, we used to walk to school barefoot. It was normal and fun, in fact if we had to run fast to the shop or get to school on time, or even win a race, we’d take the shoes off our feet and do it barefoot. That was the fastest way. Now, the shade trees by the road have been cut down and the ground is far too hot to walk on.

Our village was vibrant and full of life, surrounded by trees and nature. I did not pay to travel to Maasai Mara to see a hyena, I could see them right behind my grandma’s house. Pythons, many beautiful species of birds, and gazelles used to be found in abundance. But not anymore. My heart has ached as I have watched the ecosystems change in our village. A place that was known for its lush, beautiful forest now looks like a desert. The environmental damage is happening right before our eyes, and so fast I can’t even believe it. There are now goldmines everywhere, which pollute the environment with their stone crushing and blasting. The negligence by the government is unacceptable. Their policies seem to be cheering people on to their graves in their complete disregard for the health of the land that gives us life. The older generations have failed to pass on to their children the vibrant ecosystems that they inherited from their ancestors, and I will do everything I can to make sure my grandchildren never feel the same way. #biodiversity #globalwarming

Cultural Heritage and Documentary Photography